A Center for the Integrative Practices of Art, Embodiment & Sustainable Living


a dance film for the trees

May 22 & 23rd at 7PM, May 24th at 2PM



Wobbly‘s latest collaboration will premiere at The Headwaters Theatre next week. Information and tickets, www.wobblydance.org. $10-$15.



Drop-in classes continue this week!

Water in the Desert hosts Butoh technique training, dance rituals, instructional workshops, and community offerings. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING…

ELEMENTAL ANIMAL | Weekly Training in Butoh, Somatics, Imagination and Wildness

GAGA + BUTOH on Land with Ron Amit and Mizu Desierto




“In a culture which views the body as a mechanism to be trained and the landscape as a resource to be exploited, we need to learn to see again their fundamental wholeness and interconnection.” 

-Andrea Olsen, author of Body and Earth

WATER IN THE DESERT (WITD) is a Portland-based non-profit organization dedicated to offering innovative, multidisciplinary, and accessible artistic experiences & residencies along with integrative educational programming. As a producer of original artistic and educational events, WITD brings together contemporary pioneers– in fields as diverse as dance and farming, theatre and psychology– in an effort to invigorate experiences of depth, awareness and intimacy within the framework of our personal lives, our communities, and the larger sensate world around us. Each of our projects derive from the same value-based philosophy—to cultivate a more assimilated approach to social, ecological, and cultural concerns through artistic practice and embodied engagement. We believe that the sustainable dialogue is not complete without a more holistic approach to creative practice within the community.